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Unleash the power of protein – the champion of post-weight loss surgery nutrition.

But here’s the burning question: Do you truly understand your specific protein needs?

Are you keen for a glimpse into a day of food that meets your required protein intake – be it 60g, 80g, or even 100g?

Moreover, while we all know that meat is a reliable protein source, are you aware of the numerous other food options that can fuel your protein requirements?

Say goodbye to guesswork and welcome our revolutionary solution – the Nutrition for Weight Loss Surgery Protein Planner.

This indispensable tool is designed to:

  • Calculate your personalised protein requirement, tailored to your unique needs.
  • Explain the path to meeting your protein goals through a rich and diverse array of protein-packed meals.
  • Provide simple menus that are bursting with protein, ensuring you reach your targets with ease.
  • Enhance your understanding of the protein content found in common foods and supplements.
  • Make informed choices regarding protein supplements, utilising them effectively whenever necessary.
  • Embark on a culinary adventure with our selection of protein-rich recipes, rigorously road-tested for your enjoyment.

Unleash the power of protein, conquer your nutrition goals, and embrace a vibrant, protein-packed lifestyle. Get your hands on the Protein Planner today! The best value way to purchase the Protein Planner is in our Book Bundle, which includes six of our books for only $85 – a savings of $25! The Book Bundle has been a crowd favourite in our online store, so be sure to secure yours here.

In New Zealand our Protein Planner can be purchased via BN Multi NZ. If you do not live in Australia or New Zealand, click here to purchase a hard copy via Amazon, or an eBook via the Kobo and Apple bookstores.