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Do you find particular foods leave you feeling sick after weight loss surgery?

Have you experienced dumping syndrome but aren’t sure what’s causing it?

Did you know it could all be related to to the sugar in the foods you’re eating? Yep, that’s right! Often we aren’t even fully aware of where the sugar in our diet is coming from!

Spoons for Thought is a helpful guide that helps you make sense of the food you’re eating. Sometimes reading something isn’t enough – you need to visualise it realise the impact it’s really having on your body. This book contains 250 photos of real food, accompanied by a visual representation of the teaspoons of fat and sugar they contain.

Spoons for Thought is not about telling you want you can or can’t eat, but rather educating you to make smarter choices to improve your diet.

Spoons for Thought provides a simple visual guide that identifies the fat and sugar hidden in many of the foods we eat each day. Far from being another extreme, ‘fad’ diet, Spoons for Thought offers practical solutions to improve our health and wellbeing, without depriving us of a variety of delicious foods.

It’s also an invaluable tool to help troubleshoot when you may be experiencing unpleasant side effects from the foods you eat following weight loss surgery – plus help you improve the health and wellbeing of your entire family!

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