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We understand the frustration our weight loss surgery clients face as they try to navigate through the vast array of recipes online or in on trend recipe books, uncertain if the recipes truly suit their post-surgery needs.

Feeling trapped in an eating groundhog day, they often resort to their old standbys – cheese and crackers, yogurt, tuna, eggs, and mince – desperate for a change.

That’s where Justine comes in. Drawing on her expertise as a specialist weight loss surgery dietitian, nutritionist, and passionate foodie, she has crafted a recipe book exclusively for you.

Introducing the weight loss surgery-friendly masterpiece, Single Serves. This unique collection is like having Justine right by your side in the kitchen, guiding your food choices and focusing on three essential elements for long-term success after weight loss surgery:

  • Protein: Savour the delectable protein-packed dishes that will nourish and sustain you on your journey.
  • Portions: Embrace the perfect balance of portion control, ensuring you stay on track with your dietary goals.
  • Pleasure from food: Rediscover the joy of food, as these recipes combine health-consciousness with flavours that you will love.

Inside you’ll find an array of delicious options that are designed to make your life easier. Many of the Single Serves can be conveniently frozen, allowing you to stay organised and have a nutritious meal at the ready whenever you need it.

Prepare to delight in an assortment of tasty creations, including:

  • Meatballs & Patties: Thai Inspired Chicken, Beef with Feta & Prunes, Bocconcini Filled Mediterranean, Beef & Dukkah, Greek Style Lamb, Mexican Chicken
  • Rice Muffins: Chicken, Bacon & Thyme Rice Muffins, Chargrilled Pepper & Tomato, Roasted Pumpkin, Pine Nut & Spinach
  • Egg Muffins: Bacon, Mushroom & Tomato, Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese & Dill
  • Mini Meatloaves: Italian Style, Pork, Apple & Pistachio, Chicken, Pesto & Pine Nut, Turkey & Cranberry
  • Enchilada Cups
  • Lasagne Muffins
  • Sweet Potato, Zucchini & Feta Mini Muffins
  • Mini Shepherd’s Pie
  • Mini Salmon Mornays
  • Mini Mexican Chicken Bowls
  • Chicken, Leek & Mushroom Pies
  • Chicken Curry with Pappadums

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Note: In New Zealand, Single Serves can be purchased via BN Multi NZ. If you are located outside of Australia or New Zealand, hard copies of Single Serves can be purchased via Amazon, or eBooks via the Kobo or Apple bookstores.