Weight Loss Surgery Meal Plans


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Introducing our highly sought-after Weight Loss Surgery Meal Plans – a direct response to the overwhelming demand from our clients in both one-on-one consultations and our vibrant online support network.

We understand the common question echoing through the weight loss surgery community: “What exactly should I be eating after weight loss surgery?”

While the question may seem simple, the answer is far from it.

There is no one-size-fits-all diet that suits everyone, so instead of offering a generic solution, we have developed a comprehensive framework to help you uncover what works best for you and formulate a personalised plan.

Consider our Weight Loss Surgery Meal Plans as your very own DIY manual – ideas and inspiration to construct a weekly menu that suits your tastes, preferences and dietary needs.

Our Meal Plans prioritise nutritional balance, steering clear of extremes. We don’t follow the fads like high-protein, high-carb, or high-fat diets. We don’t align ourselves with specific labels like Paleo, Atkins, LCHF, Keto, Weight Watchers, or Liver Cleansing. Instead, we offer something straightforward and effective – basic, simple strategies that have proven successful for the majority of people over the long term. Our focus lies in assisting weight loss surgery clients like you in finding sustainable approaches to lose weight and, more importantly, maintain that weight loss.

The foods we include in our meal plans are everyday staples – no exotic goji berries, kale smoothies or hard-to-find ingredients.

Simple foods, humble ingredients, meticulously balanced to meet your post-weight loss surgery needs.

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Note: In New Zealand our Meal Plans are available via BN Multi NZ. If you live outside of Australia or New Zealand, you can purchase hard copies via Amazon or eBooks via the Kobo and Apple bookstores.