Product Review: Tip Top Sandwich Thins

Tip Top Sandwich Thins were easy to find in both my local Coles and Woolworths supermarkets, so I grabbed one of each variety:

  • Original
  • Wholemeal
  • Lightly seeded.

For the purpose of this review I have looked at the wholemeal variety (as this was my favourite).

The major claim Tip Top are making about their new product range is they are only 99 calories per serve, however I was more interested in where these calories are coming from and if they are weight loss surgery friendly.

What is in them?

These sandwich thins are 40% wholemeal flour, and also contain white flour, bakers yeast, vinegar, canola oil, dextrose, wheat bran, salt, sugar and soy flour. They also contain emulsifiers, vegetable gums, thiamine and folic acid.

How do they stack up nutritionally?

On looking at the nutrition information, I was excited to find they ticked all the boxes when it comes to selecting this type of product. Each sandwich thin (two thin slices) has just over 15g of carbohydrate, which is approximately the same as one slice of bread. This means you can have a full sandwich or toasted sandwich with half the carbohydrate of a normal sandwich.

Surprisingly, they also have a decent 3.9g of protein and just over 1g of each sugar and fat. As an added bonus they are nearly 8% fibre and not too salty at only 348mg/100g.


Yum! I often find wraps can be chewy or dry but these were soft and really lovely to eat. I have tried them fresh and toasted and both worked well. My boys loved them as pizza bases for their school lunches.

What I like about them post weight loss surgery:

  • They are not chewy, dry or doughy so will be easier to tolerate than traditional bread and some wraps.
  • They are a great way to have a sandwich (or toasted sandwich) without filling up on carbohydrate.

Final thoughts

I have been nothing but impressed with these new sandwich thins and they are now going to be a regular addition to my weekly shop.

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